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    Fine Farmstead Cheeses from Salt Spring Island
    Makers of fine organic cheese using the sweet milk from our small herd of Jersey cows. Our cows are the foundation of our company. We do our best to keep them healthy and happy. Our job as cheese-makers is to preserve the fine flavour of their milk as we transform it into cheese. Thatís why we use simple, old-fashioned recipes. Click Here for More

    Salt Spring Island fine organic cheese made from the fragrant organic milk of purebred Jersey cows is available all summer in the Salt Spring Saturday Market. Moonstruck's Cheesemakers transform milk into cheese preserving the original organic flavour in the milk using simple, old-fashioned recipes.

    SALTSPRING ISLAND ORGANIC CHEESE Certified organic cheese products made on Salt Spring Island, home made to professional standards - free range cows milk cheeses

    Moonstruck Cheese Inc. uses only CERTIFIED ORGANIC MILK so that the end product is an authentic Salt Spring Island original ORGANIC CHEESE. Among our organic milk products are a whole range of cheeses from our ever popular Blue cheeses, camembert and our original brands Baby Blue, White moon and White Grace.

    Our Products

    1. Blossom's Blue
    2. Savoury Moon
    3. Beddis Blue
    4. White Moon
    5. White Grace
    6. Ash-Ripenend Camembert
    7. Baby Blue
    8. Tomme D'Or
    9. Farmstead Feta